The feasibility of Video Directly Observed Therapy in monitoring adherence of patients treated for tuberculosis in Hanoi




PROJECT IMPLEMENTER: National Lung Hospital / National TB Program

FUNDED BY: Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

CORE STAKEHOLDER: Hanoi Lung Hospital

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of Video Directly Observed Therapy for patients with newly diagnosed smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis treated in Hanoi, Vietnam.


A cohort study will be conducted among 40 outpatients treated for a first episode of tuberculosis.

Eligible patients will be invited to enrol by a District TB Clinic or outpatient clinic at the National Lung Hospital by staff working for the National TB Program. A pill count will be performed by health workers at the time of enrollment, evaluating the number of daily doses remaining and the number that was prescribed during the preceding month. This will be the baseline against which adherence during the next month will be assessed.

Patients will receive support to set up a mobile phone connection – either a phone provided by the researcher, or the patient’s own smartphone (if available). Study staff will deliver training about how to use the phone, including practicing uploading a video.

Each day, patients will be asked to record and upload a video of self-administration of the tablets once each day that the National TB Program treatment is to be administered. VDOT will be performed for a total of 60 days.